Desertfest Antwerp 2017 • Preview & schedules

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In less than two weeks we’ll be, for the third year in a row, heading towards Antwerp and the awesome Trix. This venue is hosting yet again the Belgium Desertfest for another hazy and heart filling weekend with the promise of some of the finest names in the stoner, doom, sludge and psych scenes.

To ignite us on the first day, Friday the 13th, luck will not be needed as one will be delighted with the sound of Radio Moscow, who are touring Europe promoting their new album New Beginnings, as well as All them Witches and their new Sleeping Through The War. Another act not to be missed will be provided by the legendary stoners Lowrider, who got together again to show us that they still bring something relevant to the table. Gozu, Black Lung, Kaleidobolt, Minami Deutsch, Grime, Caronte and 16 complete this first day.

On the second day the good Lord of Rock gave us the resurrection of Graveyard, so if you were bummed out last year, this is a good excuse to come and get some revenge and see their newest drummer, Axel. Another big bet of ours is the newcomers Windhand, whom bring the necessary doom and slow riffs contrasting with Dorthia’s soft voice. Revisiting Antwerp are hard psyches The Vintage Caravan, who will clean our palate on this particular day. Stoned Jesus does not need much introduction to this type of crowd as with each day more and more people become affiliated with their albums, the Ukrainians seem to have endless energy. A wildcard for this day is Elephant Tree, so take our word and go see this act. Completing the day’s lineup are House of Broken Promises, Troubled Horse, Unsane OHHMS, among others.

In the last day we’re revisiting Conan and Monolord, the (already) living legends of doom, and after the colossal show in London’s edition we’re also particularly interested in re-watching the old-timers Saint Vitus and their grey hair swinging. Just like last year’s with Goat, Part Chimp provides this year’s official palate cleanser in this particularly riff-heavy day. Having the opportunity to see headliners The Melvins as this is truly one in a lifetime event for so many of us fans and we’re truly and especially excited for this one. Kadavar brings the cool bass lines with their new album Rough Times and we’re curious to see how fans will react to it live. Directly from Tokyo comes Church of Misery, our favorite "doomdelic" act of all of the lineup. Mantar brings the sludgiest riffs of them all to bring it all down. Mos Generator, Redd Kross, Spidergawd, Hemelbestormer, Big Fat Lukum, Spirit Valley, DOOL, Partisan make up the rest of the lineup of this incredible stonerific experience.

So kids, take out your pens and make those hard choices (that we’re all too accustomed by now) choose and don’t miss any of this life-altering performances. You can find below the schedules and here our dedicated playlist.


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Desertfest Antwerp 2017 • Preview & schedules
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