"Music is a way to cope with life and to separate myself from everyone" • Nothing in interview

26 de Setembro, 2016 EntrevistasJoão "Mislow" Almeida

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Nothing is a band that has been doing what we all dream of doing. A bit cliché for some but those who have seen themselves in the local scene and thrive to reach everyone with their music see Nothing as an example. A project that served as an escaping route to suicidal thoughts and finding the best way to cope with a reliable solution to life’s fucked up situations.

Ever since then, the band has grown progressively more into other continents and countries all over the world. Delivering a simple point of view of the strong and emotional shoegaze from the 90’s, embodying music from My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Slowdive, without ever blatantly stealing it, the band draw a portrait of what came to be as the smartest and hardest expression of Alternative Rock in the last quarter of the decade.

After the release of Guilty of Everything in 2014, through Relapse Records, whose investment in the band has been flourishing with time, the band achieved new landmarks and new standards. Touring constantly, either at home or overseas, one way or another, the Philadelphia band is bound to grow more and heavier. Said by many to be a genuinely loud band in live shows, it would be expected to have another great effort from them in no time.

The contract extension through Relapse happened and this year, the band releases their second full-length Tired of Tomorrow. So far, it has been one of the high-points of the year in regard to quality music. Compared to its predecessor, the group showed notable maturing in terms of writing and execution, which can be seen along the 10 tracks of the album.

Since we’ve had the chance to listen to the album and review it, on a really positive note, and seeing the group will debut themselves in Portuguese soil, on the 7th in Lisbon and on the 8th in Porto, both dates being handled by our friends at Amplificasom, we found it appropriate to catch up with Dominic, the founder of Nothing.


First off! Introduce yourself! What’s your name, where are you from, what do you like to do in your spare time and what do you do in Nothing?

Domenic Palermo. New York City by way of Philadelphia. I do nothing in my spare time and I play guitar and try to sing in Nothing.


You’ve come a long way to where you stand right now. Do you feel any different about what the music means to you?

It still means the same as day one. It's a way to cope with life and a way to separate myself from everyone.


You did start all of this on your own, by yourself! How does it feel like to see so many people around the globe listening to your music and buying vinyl from the bad? Does it feel unreal sometimes?

It's very flattering. It's been a long road with many rewarding and awful experiences. I'm always at war with myself and doing this to myself, but it really is a good feeling to see so many people who are as passionate for the project as I am. It feels very unreal at times.


I can imagine life on the road can’t be easy, but how has this tour been so far for you guys?

So far it's been hard and I imagine it'll continue to be. 37 days, 35 shows, 24 of which are consecutive. I wouldn't want to be around anyone in the world that long, so it's difficult. It is nice to travel and to meet people who are fans in all these different places.


The album reception was tremendous as well! I can feel some sort of transition but the personality pretty much sustains the music. Did you feel any different in the studio with this album than with Guilty of Everything?

It was easier this time, as the first album was a really new experience. But as much as we were versed in recording this time, there were many new things to be learned. We strive to stay progressive and with that there are new things to learn. It's a good part of the process for me.


So, first time in Portugal. Two days, two cities. What are you expecting?

We had a day to explore Lisbon on our layover. It's a beautiful city with beautiful people. I tried to take as much in as I could. I walked around for 7 hours, ate, and drank. I'm excited to do it again.


I recommend intensive city-walking in both Lisbon and Porto, but especially in Porto and I’m sure you’ll love Lisbon’s venue as well. Feels like a medieval wine cave. Drink lots of wine and enjoy the crowd, you’ll be well served!

Sounds lovely. I can't wait.


To finish this off, what has been fueling a small band from Philly to get off the ground and travel the world? What gives you strength and ambition to do all of this?

Wine in a medieval cave.


And our everytime quizz. What are your favourite 2016 albums so far?

Wrong. Fear Of Men. Tony Molina. Culture Abuse.


Thank you so much for your time! Enjoy Portugal, the best way you can.
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