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“Not in our dreams we would have thought that something like this could happen”

After years of disagreements, the improbable happened and at the end of 2016, German Power Metal legends Helloween announced the reunion with their former classic members. This occasion was a historical fact within the heavy metal community and the band’s lineup received on stage Kai Hansen, founder member, guitarist and first vocalist who left in 1989, and vocalist Michael Kiske, who left Helloween in 1993. Since then, Helloween have embarked on an extensive world tour that has gone so well that the next step is to release a new record.

The “Pumpkins United Tour” finally arrives at Portugal this week and we took this opportunity to ask some questions at Andi Deris, one of the vocalists of the legendary German band.


Wav: This reunion took some time to happen, but was something that could be seen coming. What was the click that make it finally happen?

Andi Deris: Not in our dreams we would have thought that something like this could happen. Also with the touring of a complete World Pumpkin United Tour. Kai Hansen was talking about the idea a lot, we all thought about it and discussed losely but the idea took more room once Michael Kiske and Michael Weikath met backstage some years ago and laid all their trouble behind and realized that there was no anger or anything anymore.


How far were you expecting to develop the concept of reunion, in the beginning?

In the beginning we planned a few shows in 2017 and we didn’t think any further. But the fans were so delighted, all concerts went very well and more and more offers came in and we extended the tour world wide and will continue until 22. December 2018.


You just ended the South America leg of the tour, how was it?

South America is always great. Fantastic audience, crazy fans, they are always under fire and embrace us with such a warm welcome. It is just a wonderful experience.


The tour begun in 2017, you already have plans until 2020, can we say that it’s achieving the initial goals? Can you sum, what is planned so far?

Our homecoming show is on December 22nd in Hamburg. After that everyone is going on a break for sure and will enjoy some time off. No date set yet but in 2019 we will start recording a brand new album with Pumpkin United which will be released in 2020. These are our immediate plans for right now.


Is the new stuff being written with the idea of using two vocalists?

Yes, we will write for everyone with everyone! For two vocalists, maybe even three vocalists, three guitars and everything else.


Looking back in your career, what step would you change, if any?

Looking back, I’m very happy and I am still are. We achieved so much and I wouldn’t really change anything. There could be bits and pieces that could have been different or better but this would be an evening long discussion to figure it out.


For many fans this is a very important reunion show, but many are still waiting to see you play live both Keepers, back to back. Any plans of doing it?

Honestly, it is not likely to happen. We have such a huge repertoire, we have classics and great new stuff, we have to please our fans in trying to give them what they want to hear. I do not think that we have both Keepers back to back in a concert at this point in time.


Thank you very much, Andi. See you in Lisbon!

Thanks a lot for being so supportive, we are looking very much forward to play for you in Portugal. A fantastic country with unbelievable fans, hardcore and enthusiastic. We love it. See you very soon!


Os Helloween atuam na Sala Tejo da Altice Arena em Lisboa já na próxima quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro. Os ingressos ainda se encontram disponíveis em blueticket.pt com o preço cifrado em 45€.

Por Wav / 5 Dezembro, 2018

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