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Novos lançamentos • Janeiro 2017

agenda de lancamentos

1 de janeiro
Brian Eno – Reflection (Ambient, Experimental)

3 de janeiro
Vinnum Sabbathi – Gravity Works (Heavy Psych, Stoner Doom)

6 de janeiro
Dropkick Murphys – 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory (Folk Punk, Celtic Punk)
Gone Is Gone [Super-banda com membros de Mastodon, At the Drive-In e Queens of the Stone Age] – Echolocation (Hard Rock, Experimental)
Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect (Indie Pop)
You Me at Six – Night People (Pop Punk)

9 de janeiro
Kung Funghi – Kung Funghi (Psych Stoner)

Frozen Planet 1969 – Electric Smokehouse (Psych Stoner)

13 de janeiro
Black Anvil – And Was (Black Metal, Blackened Thrash)
Bonobo – Migration (Downtempo, Electronic)
Code Orange – Forever (Hardcore Punk)
Condenados – The Tree Of Death (Doom Metal)
Draugsol – Volaoa Land (Icelandic Black Metal)
Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness (Indie Folk)
Laster – Ons Vrije Fatum (Atmospheric Black Metal)
Lo-Pan – In Tensions EP (Stoner Rock)
Pain Of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day (Progressive Metal)
Sepultura – Machine Messiah (Thrash Metal, Groove Metal)
SOHN – Rennen (Electronic, Ambient, Electropop)
The Drip – The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability (Grindcore)
The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody (Alternative Rock, Psychedelic)
The xx – I See You (Electronic)

20 de janeiro
AFI – AFI (The Blood Album) (Punk, Alternative Rock)
Atila – Body (Electronic, Darkwave, Drone)
Austra – Future Politics (Synth Pop)
Balfor – Black Serpent Rising (Black Metal)
Burning Point – Blaze (Power Metal)
Emptiness – Not For Music (Blackened Death Metal)
Firewind – Immortals (Power Metal)
Foxygen – Hang (Psychedelic Pop, Indie Pop)
Joan of Arc – He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands (Indie Rock)
The Flight Of Sleipnir – Skadi (Stoner Doom)
The Proper Ornaments – Foxhole (Neo-Psych)
Tim Cohen [Membro de Fresh & Onlys] – Luck ManThe (Folk)
Tycho – Epoch (Electronic, Downtempo)
Uniform – Wake in Fright (Noise Rock, Industrial)
William Basinski – A Shadow in Time (Electronic, Ambient, Experimental)
Words Of Farewell – Quite World (Melodic Death Metal)

27 de janeiro
Aborym – Shifting.Negative (Industrial Black Metal)
Annihilator – Triple Threat (Thrash Metal)
Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient (Deathcore)
Cloud Nothings – Life Without Sound (Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore)
Dead Limbs – Spiritus/Sulfur (Atmospheric Black Metal)
Deserted Fear – Dead Shores Rising (Death Metal)
Emmure – Look At Yourself (Deathcore)
Emptyset – Borders (Eletronic, Experimental)
Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin (Hardcore Punk)
Hour Of Penance – Cast The First Stone (Technical Death Metal)
Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart Of Life (Noise Rock, Garage Rock)
John Garcia – The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues (Stoner Rock)
Kreator – Gods Of Violence (Thrash Metal)
Nick Oliveri – N.O. Hits At All: Vol. 1 (Stoner Rock)
Psychedelic Witchcraft – Magick Rites And Spells (Heavy Psych)
Set And Setting – Reflectionless (Post-Rock, Post-Metal)
The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy (Atmospheric Black Metal)
The Ominous Circle – Appalling Ascension (Death Metal)
Ty Segall – Ty Segall (Garage Rock)
Weltesser – Crestfallen (Sludge Doom)
Wolvennest – Wolvennest (Psychedelic Rock, Dark Ambient)

Por Wav / 9 Janeiro, 2017

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