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A Gothic Invasion – Hellfest 2019 Day 2

The gloom extended its claws unto the arcade-shaped presence that arched over the crowd with the Portuguese icons Moonspell. Having solidified themselves as central figures in our dear European scene, the crowd’s response to their emotive and imperial performance is just one of the many reasons why bands like these can ever be forgotten. Moonspell have a lot of hate in their own country but that don’t stop them from proudly say where they’re come from and the front row was full of Portuguese flags. It was really a historic moment for the Portuguese metal scene.

Directly from a very, very dark place, Candlemass came to haunt our souls in a very demoniac way. The thing is, the crowd wouldn’t mind being forever imprisoned in this darkness. The tormented riffs were causing a vertiginous sense of damnation and yet, they were a delight to the audience. And if they say they are the masters of the enchanted tune, you just got to believe it because it ain’t nothing but the truth.

Closing the Altar stage for the day, there was Bloodbath. Given the fact that the day had a small amount of brutality, the crowd welcomed the band effusively. Filthiness covered the whole place, as some badass riffs were being shot. In fact, people should always double worries and watch for their flesh during these shows. Just in case.

[GALERIAZ 72157713784242237 Moonspell and Bloodbath][/GALERIAZ]
[GALERIAZ 72157713782627496 Wolfheart and Dool][/GALERIAZ]

Por Wav / 16 Julho, 2019
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