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All Killers, No Fillers – Hellfest 2019 Day 1

As usual, Hellfest’s Warzone stage had once again a day dedicated to punk music. Early on, it was the French Stinky who opened up hostilities for the 2019 edition, counting on a lot of support from the local crowd that made a point in being present.

The sun was already high and it was No Fun At All that definitely set the audience on fire. Always at a breakneck pace, they raised their spirits in the best way for the arrival of The Interrupters. An authentic aerobics class, it was impossible to stand still to the captivating sound of this young up and coming ska-punk band. Vocalist Aimee Allen showed a charisma that certainly didn’t surprise anyone who was already familiar with the band. Worthy of a shout out: during the show, there was a fan in a wheelchair crowd surfing the audience in sheer joy, and got carefully carried down to the grown thanks to the respectful security guards of Hellfest. At this moment the vocalist went down to the pit and greeted the fan, singing in full lungs together with him. An excellent example of inclusion and communion.

Later, it was time for revivals. Descendents own some of the most influential works from the beginnings of pop punk and, as such, landed at Hellfest with an enviable attitude and passion, showing youngsters how to do it. Like Bad Religion on the same stage last year, Descendents proved that age is just a number and, in punk, attitude is pretty much everything. A real history lesson.

Sum 41 were only a few minutes away and access to Wazone was near impossible. A crowd never seen before in this redesigned space completely filled the barbed perimeter. Even though they’ve never reached the size of other names in pop punk, Sum 41 are a band of masses, so it was not surprising that, even if they did not perform on the main stages, the crowd would show up in full force in search of celebrating the already gone times of their youth. And Sum 41 turns out to be a beautiful soundtrack for that part of the lives of those who are now in their 30s. The truth is that as soon as the band enters the stage, there’s an instant explosion. An explosion of confetti, of inflamed guitars, of running, constant crowd surfing and a lot of sweat. “Motivation” was what no one lacked at the start. Formerly nicknamed Prince of Punk, Deryck Whibley showed no stewardship on stage, showing a humble attitude, always pulling the audience and an inexhaustible energy. The hymns “In Too Deep” and “Fat Lip” would appear in the final stretch, crowning an authentic historic moment for the Warzone.

[GALERIAZ 72157713783720727 Descendents and Sum 41][/GALERIAZ]
[GALERIAZ 72157713782030921 The Interrupters][/GALERIAZ]
[GALERIAZ 72157713783452247 Stinky + No Fun At All][/GALERIAZ]

Por Wav / 15 Julho, 2019
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