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Desertfest Belgium 2019: 5 new records not to miss

Antwerp is growing to be one of, if not the strongest winter destination for festival-goers. In 2019, the line-up looks as packed as ever, with a renewed energy on stage, along with a handful of unmissable classics aswell as an energetic set of newer bands that promise to shake the very floor the crowd walks upon. Just a month away from the promising dates of 18, 19 and 20th of october, we might as well spark more flame with a fistful of new records that you should not miss, in case you’re heading towards Antwerp in Belgium.


Crypt Trip – Haze County

Texas-based trio Crypt Trip know how to make a crowd dance. Beyond the desert landscapes and the sweaty heat, these guys can put the listener driving on a distant far off texan highway with the easiest of ways. Haze County is more than a good record. It’s a future classic. A tropical gaze of riff dreamland where one feels pulled to the soundscape while simultaneously feeling a constant breath of fresh air.


Inter Arma – Sulphur English

Inter Arma is a massive band, in the purest sense of the word. They’re a troupe who likes to keep it simple, just so the heaviness maintains as substantial as possible. Be it with the riffs, the blast-beats, the progressions or the enormously epic landscapes, Inter Arma really do surpass the verbal spectrum. Sulphur English is a clear and frightful reflection of that talent. This time around, the band showcases more mature, introspective and sluggish songwriting, but do not hesitate in sparing any tone of weight.


Big Business – The Beast You Are

Band by day, cavemen by night. The duo most known as Big Business pulsate angular basslines with the utmost distorted nature, along with precise, monstrous tour-de-forces in behind the drums, the sound itself just feels angular but just so happens to hit the spot perfectly. The Beast You Are is epic in its delivery and a jist of how fun these guys are live.


Lord Dying – Mysterium Tremendum

Portland O.G.’s Lord Dying could easily be the most underrated band on the line-up. Knowing they’re on the brink of turning ten years as a band, it’s unbelievable how little people talk about these guys. While releasing a strong second record, Mysteirum Tremendum is an undisputed highlight of the band’s career. Epic, grand, slamming heavy and really quite explorative, one can’t really get enough of dissociating from life to the sound of this record.


Yatra – Death Ritual

Monstrous. Tremendous. “Holy Mountain” kind of huge. Don’t underestimate the meaty and bulkiness behind Yatra’s most recent Death Ritual. It’s as dynamic as a fluctuating wave of energy, and as heavy as a ton of bricks bludgeoning your brains in. Be it the death-vocals, or the swampy repulsion, Yatra promise a slow burner, but a deep dip in a pit of shit.

Por Wav / 24 Setembro, 2019

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