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Novos lançamentos • Fevereiro 2018

agenda de lancamentos


2 de fevereiro
AWOLNATION – Here Come The Runts (Alternative Rock)
Don Broco – Technology (Pop Rock)
DZ Deathrays – Bloody Lovely (Dance Punk)
Efrim Manuel Menuck – Pissing Stars (Post-Rock, Experimental)
Field Music – Open Here (Indie Pop)
Genocide Pact – Order of Torment (Death Metal)
Hookworms – Microshift (Neo-psychedelia)
Long Distance Calling – Boundless (Post-Rock)
Pearl Charles – Sleepless Dreamer (Indie Pop)
Rhye – Blood (Alternative R&B)
Simple Minds – Walk Between Worlds (Synth-pop)


9 de fevereiro
Against The Grain – Cheated Death (Hardcore Punk)
Brian Fallon – Sleepwalkers (Singer-Songwriter, Folk)
Crescent – The Order of Amenti (Blackened Death Metal)
Crucifyre – Post Vulcanic Black (Death Metal)
Dashboard Confessional – Crooked Shadows (Alternative Rock)
Erdve – Vaitojimas (Black/Sludge Metal)
Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending (Disco-Rock)
Frozen Crown – The Fallen King (Power Metal)
Fu Manchu – Clone of the Universe (Stoner Rock)
Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone (Mathcore)
Harm’s Way – Posthuman (Hardcore, Powerviolence)
Holy Motors – Slow Sundown (Dream Pop)
King Witch – Under the Mountain (Doom Metal)
Legend of the Seagullmen – Legend of the Seagullmen (Hard Rock)
MGMT – Little Dark Age (Neo-psychedelia)
Rumahoy – The Triumph of Piracy (Pirate Metal)
Son Lux  – Brighter Wounds (Trip Hop)
Sunflowers – Castle Spell (Garage Rock)
Therion – Beloved Antichrist (Opera Metal)
The Wombats – Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (Indie Rock)
Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath (Power Metal)
Voodoo Circle – Raised on Rock (Hard Rock)
Wedge – Killing Tongue (Stoner Rock)


16 de fevereiro
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Glass (Electronic, Ambient)
American Nightmare – American Nightmare (Hardcore Punk)
Angra – Omni (Power Metal)
Asenblut – Legenden (Black/Thrash/Pagan Metal)
Barren Womb – Old Money/New Lows (Hardcore Punk)
Belle & Sebastian – How To Solve Our Human Problems [Coletânea de 3 EPs] (Indie Pop)
Born Ruffians – Uncle, Duke & The Chief (Indie Rock)
Escape the Fate – I Am Human (Post-Hardcore)
Extinction A.D. – Decimation Treaty (Thrash Metal, Crossover)
Fischerspooner – Sir (Electroclash)
For The Fallen Dreams – Six (Metalcore)
Harakiri For The Sky – Arson (Post-Black Metal)
Heavatar – Opus II: The Annihilation (Power Metal)
Horizon Ablaze – The Weight of a Thousand Suns (Death Metal)
I’m With Her – See You Around (Folk)
Letters From the Colony – Vignette (Progressive Metal)
Linda Martini – Linda Martini (Alternative Rock)
Melted Space – Darkening Light (Symphonic Metal)
Naxatras – III (Psych Rock)
Neal Morse – Life & Times (Progressive Rock)
Ought – Room Inside The World (Post-Punk)
Pianos Become the Teeth – Wait for Love (Post-Hardcore, Screamo)
The Plot in You – Dispose (Metalcore)
Pop Evil – Pop Evil (Hard Rock, Post-Grunge)
Sainted Sinners – Back With A Vengeance (Post-Hardcore, Screamo)
Spite – Antimoshiach (Black Metal)
Superchunk – What A Time To Be Alive (Indie Rock)
U.S. Girls – In A Poem Unlimited (Art Pop)
Visions of Atlantis – The Deep & The Dark (Symphonic/Power Metal)
Windhand/Satan’s Satyrs – Split EP (Stoner Doom)


23 de fevereiro
Armored Dawn – Barbarians in Black (Power Metal)
Black Moth – Anatomical Venus (Stoner Rock)
Black Wizard – Livin’ Oblivion (Stoner Rock)
Blood Chalice – Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction (Blackened Death Metal)
Fever Ray – Plunge (Electropop, Trip-Hop)
FRIGS – Basic Behaviour (Psychedelic Rock)
Grounders – Coffee & Jam (Indie Rock, Lo-Fi)
Insect Ark – Marrow Hymns (Psychedelic Doom)
Kaoteon – Damnatio Memoriae (Blackened Death Metal)
Keiji Haino and Sumac – American Dollar Bill… (Post-Metal, Noise)
Kino – Radio Voltaire (Progressive Rock)
Megaherz – Komet (Emo Punk)
Nick Oliveri – N.O. Hits At All Vol. 4 (Stoner Rock)
Screaming Females – All At Once (Punk Rock)
Shiraz Lane – Carnival Days (Hard Rock)
Templeton Pek – Watching The World Come Undone (Melodic Punk Rock)
Thundermother – Thundermother (Hard Rock)
Turnstile – Time & Space (Hardcore Punk)
Usurpress – Interregnum (Death Metal)
We Sell the Dead – Heaven Doesn’t Want You and Hell Is Full (Heavy Metal)
We Were Sharks – Lost Touch (Pop Punk)
Young Jesus – Young Jesus (Indie Rock)

(Lista em constante atualização)

Por Wav / 3 Fevereiro, 2018

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